MATIOLI, Sergio Russo

Evolutionary Genetics

Assistant Professor, Departamento de Biologia, IB - USP.

M.Sc. (1982) IB - USP

PhD (1989) IB - USP

      My main research interests covers basically the field of Evolutionary Biology, comprising Population Genetics, Genetics of Speciation, Quantitative Genetics associated with phenotipic evolution, Molecular evolution, and Molecular Phylogeny.

      I also develop computer tools for statistical analyses by using computationally intensive methods, and have some experience in develloping software for Biology teaching.

      As a model organisms, I work with tephritid fruit flies of the Anastrepha genus, and also advise a project on Drosophila mercatorum.

Selected Publications

Souza, H.M.L.; Matioli, S.R. e Souza, W.N. - The proccess of laboratory adaptation of Ceratitis      capitata (Diptera,Tephritidae). I. Analysis of life-history traits. Ent. Expt. Appl., 48: 195-201, 1988.

Matioli, S.R. - GENPOP2 - Um programa para microcomputadores para o ensino de Genética de      Populações. Rev. Brasil. Genet., 12:439-445, 1989.

Matioli, S.R. - Evolutionary trends of Alcohol dehydrogenase isozymes in some species of Tephritid      flies. Rev. Brasil. Genet., 15:33-50, 1992. .

Matioli, S. R. e Brito, R. A. - Obtaining genetical markers using double stringency PCR with      microsatellite and RAPD primers. Biotechniques, 19(5):752-758, 1995.

Departamento de Biologia


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