LEP - February - 2019


Daniel J. G. Lahr (DL)



Dan is the lead P.I. He is interested in an array of questions regarding protistan evolution and diversity. Dan has worked on protistology since his 1st undergraduate year, has done a masters in taxonomy of testate amoebae and his PhD in evolutionary biology, focusing on the amoebozoans as a study system.  He is currently trying to setup a laboratory of evolutionary eukaryotic microbiology, so better not ask about research. Seen here enjoying the company of fellow amoebologists in Poland, at the 7th ISTA.

Links: Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Researcher ID, Lattes

You can contact Dan at dlahr at ib dot usp dot br




Alfredo P. Sousa (APS)


Alfredo is a doctoral student at IB-USP. He is interested in morphological and molecular evolution, focusing on testate amoeba lineages. He is working with differential gene expression during shell/test formation on Arcella intermidia. He expects to determine the genes related to test formation on these shelled organisms, through bioinformatic analysis of RNA-seq data. This current work is the first step to describe the genes involved in test formation in some testate amoeba lineages, and it aims to shed light on genome evolution related to evolutionary novelties, the shell.

Links: Lattes, Research Gate, Google Scholar, ResearcherID

You can contact Alfredo at alfredo.porfirio at outlook dot com


Giulia Magri (GM)


Giulia is a doctoral student at IB-USP. She is interested in evolution, ecology and microbiology. She is currently trying to understand population growth in our testate amoeba model group Arcella intermedia levis, through NGS she is trying to build gene expression profiles of different growth phases. Her hypothesis is related to differences in these profiles between phases and between individuals.


Links: Lattes, Research Gate, Google Scholar

 You can contact Giulia at giulia.magri.ribeiro at usp dot br




Tainá Figueiredo da Silva

Tainá is a undergraduate student at IB-USP. She is interested in evolutionary protistology, behavior and chronobiology of testate amoebae. Currently she is designing and developing methodological approaches to study behavior and activity rhythms in Arcella intermedia (Arcellinida:Amoebozoa) cultures. She expects to describe behavior patterns of individuals and populations of Arcella in cultures. Additionally she is going to identify activity rhythms and determine whether they are endogenously controlled or not.

You can contact Tainá at taina.figueiredo.silva at usp dot br

Links: Lattes; Research Gate


Paulo Gonzalez Hofstatter - PhD student


PhD student investigating the evolution of meiosis and sex in eukaryotes, focusing on Amoebozoan representatives. Paulo has worked with taxonomy of bird associated Apicomplexa since his 3rd undergraduate year and during his MSc. He is interested in molecular evolution and reconstructions of phylogenies of major groups composing the tree of life using bioinformatic tools. He also interested in the subject of teaching and research on classical biologic evolution.
Links: Google Scholar; Lattes, Research Gate


 Daniel Máximo Corrêa de Alcantara

Daniel is a PhD student at IB-USP. He is interested in the evolution and diversity of a group of ectoparasitic flies of bats, known as batflies. The group belongs to Diptera and comprises two families, Streblidae and Nycteribiidae. He is working on a project that aims to understand the relationships within a subfamily of Streblidae (Streblinae), as well the historical association with the hosts.

Lattes, Research Gate

You can contact Daniel at danielmxm at gmail dot com




Former members

Anush Kosakyan (AK)

Anush was a postdoc researcher at IB-USP. She is interested in general questions of taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny and evolution of testate amoebae. During her PhD she focused on taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of arcellinid testate amoebae particularly focusing on family Hyalospheniidae. Her current objective is to investigate arcellinid diversity, and to reconstruct solid and precise phylogeny combining comprehensive taxon sampling, multiple genes and well documented morphological characters, which will lead to the discovery of new arcellinid taxa (lineages) and may be of crucial importance for understanding deep evolution of eukaryotes.

Quentin Blandenier (QB)

Quentin was a visiting student coming from the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland).  He is undertook a sandwich period at IB-USP from September-DEcember 2014 to achieve his Masters in Science degree.  He is interested in testate amoebae and general protistology. He comes to LEP-USP to learn about evolution and genomics. The Amoebozoa is one of the most poorly understood major eukaryotic and the main reason is the lack of « cheap and easy » molecular markers. The aim of his project is to survey mitochondrial markers for this group, to allow a deeper comprehension of taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution.

Luana Morais

Luana is a PhD student in the Geosciences Institute. She is interested in the systematic and evolution of testate amoebae. She is using modern tools to analyze and compare microfossils found in Neoproterozoic rocks. She hopes to be able to gain insights into the paleoecology at the end of the Precambrian.

Links: Lattes, Research Gate

Thiago da Silva Paiva

Thiago was a postdoc researcher at IB-USP. He is interested in the morphology, morphogenesis, systematics and evolution of Ciliophora. His PhD thesis focused on the phylogenetic relationships within the Hypotricha (= Stichotrichia) and the evolutionary outcomes of the diversification of divisional morphogenesis patterns. His current research aims to investigate the diversity of Spirotrichea and Armophorea from Brazil using morphological and molecular approaches.

Lattes, Research Gate, Google Scholar



Ana Clara C. Nadim (ACN)

Edgar B. Crispino (EC)

Marcos M. Martins (MM)

Maram R. M. Rocha (MER)

Maiara M. Macario (M3)

Samuel Pereira Junior (Junior)