The Laboratory of Evolutionary Protistology is located at the Institute of Biology, University of São Paulo, in the Butantan campus.  We are interested in many aspects of protistan (or microbial eukaryotes) evolution.  We use morphological, molecular, paleontological and ecological approaches to understand:


- the historical relationships between eukaryotic organisms

- the diversity and distribution of living euks

- the diversity and distribution of fossil euks


Our focus system are the Amoebozoa.  This large and ancient group of organisms include most amoeboid organisms that you may be familiar with, such as the testate amoebae and the textbook naked amoebae.  Below, you see a beautiful Hyalosphenia elegans, very happy to be photographed with her pseudopods out.




We've been inducted to the Brazilian Academy of Sciences!


The lab has recently featured in a documentary by Rede Cultura and Univesp TV.  Check it out!





Check out the ISTAR blog, where we talk about testate amoeba things!



Positions Open


If you are interested in an undergraduate position, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in a graduate position (Master's or Doctoral) please, contact Dan Lahr for details.