Writing Guidelines

Revista da Biologia (Journal of Biology) publishes short and accessible texts from the different Biology fields.

The texts are published in Portuguese, including preferably an English version. Submissions are accepted in English (preferably) or Portuguese . After accepted, English texts will be translated to Portuguese.

We recommend authors 
to use the manuscript model and to read the reviewing guides (for Article, Method, Extended Abstract, Comment, Essay, Opinion or Review).  

Manuscript types

1) Research article: original scientific results. 

2) Expanded abstract: a short version of a high impact article published previously.

3) Essay: theoretical discussion.

4) Review article: summary of the status of knowledge which outlines future directions of research.

5) Opinion: personal perspective discussion.

6) Method: describe the details of a given procedure.

7) Commentary: discussion addressing significant aspects of recently published papers.


Keep it simple. Avoid technical terms, jargons, acronyms and abbreviations, and, when it is necessary, it has to be explained when they are first mentioned. Text should be short (up to 4000 words).

We strongly suggest the author to include one figure which summarizes the relevant information of the manuscript (infographic, as the ones drawn by Mind the Graph). 

Submit manuscript files (.doc or .odt, preferably with the embedded figures and tables) by the Manuscript Central. Additionally, submit high-quality figures (.pdf, .eps or .tif) and tables (.xls or .ods) in separate files.

Please, use the manuscript model, which indicates the guidelines for title, abstract, keywords, references, etc.

Supplementary text, video, images, code and data are allowed. The material should be submitted in a additional file.

PS: The author should indicate 2 specialists in the article field as reviewers of the paper.