The Journal of Biology is a scientific journal created by initiative of academics from different Brazilian universities to publicize studies from all areas of Biology, at no cost to authors and readers. We accept submissions in English or Portuguese, which will be peer-reviewed. After the conclusion of the editorial process, the manuscript is published immediately, and assigned a volume, which is published bianually.

The journal has three objectives: 1) to promote scientific dialog through open access content; 2) to bridge the gap between the academic and non-academic communities; 3) to train undergraduates and graduate students in writing and reviewing of scientific texts. Both didactic and journalistic aspects are valued by the journal. To ensure the quality of the published material, peer-reviewing is supported by reviewing guides, which are available for both reviewers and authors.

The journal does not hold copyright, these belong to the author. We intend to do not create barriers to access published material and achieve more intensely our objective of disseminating science.

Revista da Biologia (Journal of Biology) is indexed in Google Scholar, Latindex (18884), Dedalus (001 710 215) and CrossRef (DOI 10.7594) systems.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal following the instructions described in the Writing Guidelines section.

Executive Editor:
Gilberto Fernando Xavier

Editors in Chief:
Arthur S. C. França

Bryan da Costa Souza

Daniela Tathiana Soltys

Eduardo Hermogenes Moretti

Juliana Werneck Mendes

Renato Massaaki Honji

Rodrigo Pavão

Section Editors:
Botany: Lucia Helena Soares-Silva
Biogeography: Anderson Stanrley Peixoto Santos
Ecology: Davidson Sodré, Fabricio Beggiato Baccaro and Francisco Vasconcelos
Embriology and Development: Eduardo Sequerra
Epidemiology: Claudio José Struchiner
Ethology: Renata Gonçalves Ferreira
Philosophy and History: Hamilton Haddad Junior
Physiology: André Frazão Helene, Fernando Ribeiro Gomes, João Bacelo and José Guilherme Chauí Berlinck
Genetics and Evolution: Carlos Ribeiro Vilela and Raquel Cordeiro Theodoro
Zoology: Daniel José Galafasse Lahr, Guilherme Schnell e Schühli and Alex Hubbe.

Bryan da Costa Souza
Carolina Feher da Silva

Former members:
Agustín Camacho Guerrero (Editor)
Carlos Eduardo Falavigna da Rocha (Executive Editor)
Déborah Yara dos Santos (Section Editor - Botany)
Juliana Roscito (Graphic Editor)
Leonardo Maurici Borges (Graphic Editor and Section Editor)
Pedro Leite Ribeiro (Editor)
Marcelo Luiz Martins Pompêo (Section Editor - Ecology)
Sônia Godoy Bueno Carvalho Lopes (Section Editor - Zoology)
Welington Braz Carvalho Delitti (Executive Editor)                                                                               Rui Cerqueira Silva (Zoology)

Débora Costa Koshiyama (Editor)