Undergraduate research

PIC: Undergrad Research Program

The University of São Paulo, together with the Pro-Rectory for Research, administers the USP Undergrad Research Program for undergraduate students.Its goal is to promote the development of researches within the Institute, through guiding undergraduate students toward scientific discovery and familiarizing them with the procedures and methodology used in science and technology. As a guideline, the Undergrad Research activities are oriented primarily for the benefit of the students, who finds in the program an opportunity to complement their academic training, improving their knowledge and preparation for the professional life.

Program Objectives:

  • Awaken the cientific calling and encourage new potential talents within grad students.
  • Help to reduce the average time needed to train master’s and doctoral students.
  • Provide the institution a tool for creating undergrad research politics for grad students.
  • Stimulate joint activities within grad and postgrad students.
  • Contribute to the formation of human resources for research.
  • Contribute decisively to reduce the average time that students remain in the postgraduate program.
  • Encourage productive researchers to involve undergraduate students in artistic-cultural, technological, and scientific activities.
  • Allow the student, under the guidance of a qualified investigator, to become familiar with the techniques and methods used in research, as well as to stimulate the development of scientific thinking and creativity through the conditions created to address research problems directly.

There is also a database created for promoting and facilitating the student - professor interactions for those who are interested on the Undergrad Research Programs. This database can be found at the addresshttps://sites.google.com/site/encontreic/

Interested students should submit the following to IB's Academic Assistance Department:

  • Student's full transcript - if there are failed classes, attach justification
  • Sumarized Lattes of the student
  • A copy of the sitens's grant term with the questionnaire filled in under Indicadores de Pesquisa on Sistema Atena surbey, for questions regarding the research theme, Millennium, Single - indicators should be effective on 30/06/2013
  • Research project summary (maximum 3 pages, not including cover) containing introduction, objective, methodology and references
  • Student's copy of RG and CPF and all data updated on Jupiter System
  • If the student is not from USP, he will need to subscribe into the Atena System through the Research Commission
  • Any questions please contact us at (11) 3091-7558