logo IBTitulo: Tracking water quality degradation in lakes: the potential of testate amoebae
Palestrante: Helen M. Roe, Queen's University of Belfast, UK
Data:  29.08
Hora:  14h
Local: AG Zoologia


Testate amoebae are a diverse and abundant group of shelled eukaryotes that preserve well in sediments and are highly sensitive to environmental change. They have been used extensively in the reconstruction of long-term moisture variability in peatlands and trophic status change in lakes. In this talk, Helen will provide an overview of the applications of testate lobose amoebae (Arcellinida) for biomonitoring in lakes, drawing on case studies from Canada and the UK. Progress in understanding testate amoeba ecology in lakes has been hampered by taxonomic challenges, in particular, uncertainties relating to the ability of some taxa to display variations in shell morphology under stressed conditions; there is urgent need to combine quantitative analyses of test morphology with molecular sequencing approaches to resolve this. The results of ongoing research which is addressing these issues will be presented, including new work using micro-CT imaging techniques to examine test structure.