Allobates tapajos vocalization

This video shows a male Tapajos River nurse frog, Allobates tapajos, emitting advertisement calls at Fazenda Agropecuária Treviso, Pará, Brazil, 06 December 2018.

Hylodes phylodes vocalization

This is a close-up video of an individual of Hylodes phyllodes vocalizing at Boraceia, São Paulo, Brazil, 20 December 2013. Note the buccal pumping, opening and closing of the nares, and inflation of the lungs prior to vocalization and the cycling of air between the lungs and vocal sac while calling. (Yes, that is a mosquito on its back.) For a description of the vocal reportory of this species, see Hartmann M.T., Hartmann P.A., Haddad C.F.B. 2006. Repertório vocal de Hylodes phyllodes (Amphibia, Anura, Hylodidae). Papéis Avulsos em Zoologia 46:203–209.

Hylodes asper vocalization and foot-flagging

This video shows a male torrent frog, Hylodes asper, performing foot-flagging visual displays and emitting advertisement calls at Boraceia, São Paulo, Brazil, 20 December 2013. For a detailed description, see: Haddad C.F.B., Giaretta A.A. 1999. Visual and acoustic communication in the Brazilian torrent frog, Hylodes asper (Anura: Leptodactylidae). Herpetologica 55:324–333.