Diogo Meyer [ diogo (at) ib.usp.br ]


I am interested in Evolutionary Genetics. Much of my work has focused on the Population Genetics of HLA genes, which provide a fascinating point of entry into themes related to how selection and demographic history interact in human populations.







Kelly Nunes [ knunesbio (at) gmail.com ]
















Vitor Aguiar [ vitor (at) ib.usp.br ] @vitoaguiar


My goal is to understand the architecture of the gene regulation in the HLA loci across worldwide populations. To achieve this, I’ll make use of existing methods and also develop new tools to analyze multiple sources of publicly available omics data.


Jônatas César [ jonataseduardo (at) gmail.com ]


Physicist by training, with a Masters degree in Quantum Optics and PhD in Socio-Physics, I have a broad range of interests. 

Programming and Math are tools that I like to use to address interesting questions. At my current position my goal is to develop tools to better understand the huge amount of data related to the HLA research. 





Carlos Henrique Passos [carlos.passos (at) usp.br]


I am a biology undergrad student at University of São Paulo and I am that kind of person that is amazed by almost everything at the same time, from human evolution to genetic architecture of complex traits. Also, I always had general interests in molecular evolution.

For my scientific initiation, I will focus in trying to find signatures of natural selection on human X chromosome in different time scales.





Former Students  

Luiz Carlos Oliveira [ lc.machado.oliveira (at) gmail.com ]
















Bárbara Bitarello [ barbarabitarello (at) gmail.com ]


I have a B.A in Biological Sciences from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and a Master's Degree in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology from the University of São Paulo (USP).

My broad academic interest is human evolution. More specifically, I am interested in human molecular evolution and population genetics/genomics. During my Master's I worked mainly with balancing selection regimes in the human MHC genes. During my PhD, I have been working on signatures of balancing selection in the human genome and analysis of NGS data.


Débora Brandt [ deboraycb (at) gmail.com ]


I am a biologist with a broad interest in the investigation of species' demographic and selective histories using genomic data. For my master's project, I am specifically interested in understanding aspects of the population genetics of HLA genes in the genomic context.

Another broad interest is learning languages - both human and, more recently, programming languages.


Caroline Simões [ carol.simoes16 (at) gmail.com ]


I'm a final year Bachelor of Science student and I'm interested in applying bioinformatics to understand Human Population Genetics dynamics, particularly the enrichment of deleterious mutations due to gene surfing or hitchhiking. This semester I will be comparing neutral mutations to the ones under balancing selection.

Also, I enjoy studying feminism and the Palestine question on my free time and have recently joined a rugby team.