We are interested in the broad field of evolutionary genetics. Questions we are currently addressing include the following.


How does selection shape genetic differentiation? By comparing differentiation at putatively selected and neutral loci, we uncover the dynamics of selection.


Which genes are under balancing selection? We have developed an a selection to identify targets of selection, and explore their biological importance.



How does natural selection shape variation at MHC genes? The MHC is unusually polymorphic. But can we identify the selective regime driving this pattern?



What are the deleterious consequences of natural selection? Deleterious variants can hitchhike along with advantageous ones. We explore this dynamic in the MHC region.


Can we recent selection in the genomes of admixed populations?Recent selection can cause changes in ancestry proportions. Is this visible in admixed Brazilians?




Our research includes both bioinformatic analyses of publicly available data, as well as of datasets generated by us.




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