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The Department of Botany has a long-standing tradition in training graduate students, leading the way in diverse areas of plant biology. The Graduate Program in Botany was established in the early 1970s, and up to 2014, the Department provided the Master’s Degree to 309 students and the Doctoral Degree to 352 students. Professors and scientists of the Department offer a total of 63 specialized courses for the Graduate Program, with the aims of training students for critical reading, raising questions and hypotheses, developing rational and efficient experimental designs, exploiting the recent advances in their field, and understanding how scientific knowledge is produced.

Currently, the Graduate Program in Botany aims to train students in six major areas of plant biology:

- Anatomy of Vascular Plants
- Systems Biology
- Biology, Systematics, Ecology and Use of Algae
- Plant Physiology and Development
- Phytochemistry
- Systematics, Evolution and Biogeography of Vascular Plants
- Teaching in Botany


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